The 3CV19 - Clean Chamber Covid-19 is no longer a disinfectant tunnel, but an active and intelligent disinfectant chamber, it guarantees complete disinfection of the entire body, even in places where other disinfection equipment does not reach.
The way in which 3CV19 was developed ensures good practices for preventing the proliferation of pandemics through sanitization, disinfection and retention of harmful elements, in people's access to public spaces such as Schools, Hospitals, Homes, Airports, among many others.


Exposure time and correct stay within the structure, guaranteed by sensors. More.

Doors close automatically, ensuring that the indoor atmosphere does not contaminate the outside. More.

Suspended platform, dedicated to footwear and chair wheels, which ensure their disinfection. More.

Guides the individual through multilingual video and audio during the disinfection process. More.

Ensures total disinfection in all areas of the individual. More.

Full operation without any contact.

Indoor atmosphere removed through a filter of harmful particles.

Programmable to switch off at a certain time.

What matters is we well go to be fine.

What matters is we well go to be fine.



Audible and luminous warning;
Capacity for disinfection of 4 individuals per minute;
2 modes, pedestrian and for people with reduced mobility in wheelchairs;
Adapts to different modes and heights, minimizing disinfectant consumption by up to 22%;
Wifi connection for sending usage reports, through an application;
Self-disinfection cycle designed to prevent contagions between cycles;
Indoor positioning sensors that guarantee the good position of the disinfected individual;
Ozone disinfection cycle, IR temperature control and customization according to the client;
Disinfection designed to sanitize shoes, clothes and objects;
Monitoring the operation through audio and video;


Power supply
Installation area
Installation time
Interior dimensions
External dimensions
Weight with platforms

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